Carolina Monitoring Associates (CMA) is a SCRAM Systems authorized service provider that brings SCRAM alcohol and location monitoring programs to courts and agencies at the local level. In particular, CMA services the court ecosystems in Eastern North Carolina.

Our goal is to work closely with you to develop a comprehensive SCRAM program that is uniquely suited to your court and its alcohol offender management needs. We’ll do all the work for you−and take the bulk of daily alcohol monitoring activities off your plate−so you can focus on the business of supervision, enforcement, and public safety.

We will accomplish this by:

  • Building a turnkey SCRAM program that best suits your needs
  • Offering consultative expertise on SCRAM “best practice” models, backed by SCRAM Systems’ experience in setting up successful programs for thousands of courts nationwide
  • Establishing relationships with your staff to help reduce many of their daily offender management tasks
  • Assisting you with the operation and implementation of your program, alleviating your workload, while letting you retain final authority in the decision process
  • Standing behind SCRAM results through court testimony