Alcohol and Location Monitoring
in North Carolina

Carolina Monitoring Associates is an Authorized SCRAM Systems Service Provider in Eastern North Carolina, serving the following counties:

  • Beaufort
  • Carteret
  • Craven

  • Edgecombe
  • Martin
  • Nash

  • Onslow
  • Pitt
  • Wilson



SCRAM Remote Breath™


GPS Monitoring


SCRAM CAM Client Testimonial

Our Services

    • Consult with agencies to establish program definitions, goals, and practices
    • Set up and design a customized turnkey program
    • Infuse “best practices” into the design of your program to optimize supervision efforts
    • Consult with agencies to determine eligibility criteria and guidelines to effectively assess an offender’s suitability for SCRAM monitoring
    • Provide ongoing process improvements and refinements as your program matures
    • Provide documentation on drinking events, curfew violations, tampers, or other infringements
    • Comprehensive system-generated violation support
    • Individualized court reports
    • Testify on the results of SCRAM monitoring
    • Expert witness testimony on interpreting specific events
    • Liaison with SCRAM Systems to provide evidentiary-level support on the science and technology of SCRAM:
    • Written affidavit support
    • Individualized statistics
    • Educate members of your team about SCRAM
    • Fulfill supervision requirements such as reporting, alert follow-up, sanctions, and communications
    • Respond to agency and offender needs with the appropriate sense of urgency
    • Interface with SCRAM Systems and SCRAMNET to provide resources, updates, and technical enhancements
    • Provide regular monthly updates on overall SCRAM program activities and results to proactively assess program needs and progress


A comprehensive guide for the North Carolina law that mandates
stricter sentencing and Continuous Alcohol Monitoring for community supervision.
Download Guide